Testimonials for Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

and Matrix Reimprinting

Every EFT session released tension I hadn’t realized I had in my body!

After decades and probably thousands of dollars on therapy, courses, workshops, books, etc., I knew what was tripping me up and could talk intelligently and rationally about it, but it was still holding me back on an every moment basis. It was a constant cloud of anxiety that I thought was normal and then realized it wasn’t.

Lina leading me through these EFT sessions changed my life. What I always referred to as “the weight of the world” in my chest, shoulders and stomach lifted and I felt like I could stand up straight for maybe the first time ever. Every EFT session released tension I hadn’t realized I had in my body. Muscles in my neck, chest and throat that had never moved before finally started to shift downward and relax. Things that normally set me off just did not even phase me (after decades of making me anxious and crazy). I would actually try to get myself worked up again and couldn’t. I felt like I came out of a cloud and could finally LIVE my life instead of being on the outside looking in.

Now there is much more possibility as I’m looking at doing things I would have never considered before and am energized and excited about potential options. I know continuing to work with Lina through her EFT sessions will keep me moving in the right direction and keep clearing all the energy that’s been stuck over the years.

J.S., Greensboro, NC

Jeannine Delcambre / Greensboro, NC

The Healing Release Was Immediate and Very Profound!

“I recently lost my job and was experiencing deep-seated issues related to anxiety about finances and feeling unworthy. I made an appointment with Lina Landess to work through these deeply embedded feelings of being unloved and unworthy. Lina was able to help me discover the actual source of these feelings from my childhood and with love and kindness, we were able to clear this issue along with the anxiety and negativity with EFT.

The healing release was immediate and very profound, leaving me feeling joyful and whole. I have been able to move through this period in my life with the deepest knowing of how truly loved I am. I highly recommend Lina’s kind and gentle ways of dealing with painful issues/memories and lovingly bringing them into healing light.”

Jeannine Delcambre / Greensboro, NC

I Am Ready to Give the World Everything I’ve Got!

When I left our session, I felt like a lead x-ray vest (that I was unaware of) had been taken off. I could actually feel myself standing taller and feeling more optimistic. I didn’t realize it, but I had become a shell of my former self. . . Today I feel like I am ready to give the world everything I’ve got! Thanks, Lina, for giving me my life back.

David J./Asheboro, NC / Greensboro, NC

Lina is An Amazing Healer!

Before working with Lina, I struggled with being around family due to anxiety related to childhood trauma. I had not spoken with my mother for 18 months before I met Lina and now I enjoy a functional relationship with her, including healthy boundaries (thanks to EFT). I (also) had a Matrix Reimprinting session with Lina and found it to be amazingly healing and powerful. We addressed the underlying trauma with my mother and the final effect was profound.

I am thrilled because I now have compassion and forgiveness in place of anxiety, anger and resentment. Lina is an amazing healer and I recommend her to anyone who seeks to put the past behind them.

Leah Shellberg/Greensboro, NC      

Thanks, Lina, for the beautiful work you are bringing to the world!

“Lina’s steady presence, coupled with the techniques of EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting have helped me immensely. I set up a series of sessions with her and found this to be a powerful self awakening and integrating opportunity. I was able to heal issues of my past, replacing old beliefs and memories with new possibilities. I wholeheartedly recommend Lina as a competent guide for your journey into greater self awareness and inner calm.”

J. Stone/Greensboro, NC

Nothing But Positive!

“My experience in working with Lina Landess has been nothing but positive. I noticed feeling lighter and more loving toward myself even after one session. I could tell that something deep inside me had begun to shift for the better. Lina is a thoroughly caring, competent professional that I would recommend to anyone working to develop themselves lovingly, no matter what areas they were seeking to improve.”

Theresa L. Salihu, CEO / Inspire, Inc. Raleigh, NC

EFT is Really Amazing!

“For sometime now I have become aware of a feeling of dislike for myself. I chose to work with this feeling during one of our sessions. As we worked with EFT, I could feel this sense of dislike disappear. A shift happened that allows me to see that I am at choice with food decisions, rather than being compelled by compulsion rooted in a deep emotional issue.”

J.R. / Asheboro, NC

No More Heaviness!

“Since childhood I’ve suffered from mild, yet chronic, anxiety. A few weeks ago, I became so anxious that I could hardly function. During our first session, Lina intuitively guided me to discover which old issues from my childhood were causing my present feelings. After a few rounds of tapping, I experienced a huge sense of relief, as if old, heavy energy was leaving my body. I lightened up so much that I just felt like laughing!”

M.N. / Florida

Lina Listens with Love and Insight!

“I started working with Lina Landess several months ago.  I had some familiarity with tapping, it intrigued me and I had purchased several books on it, but I had not been successful in using the process. I have an adult son who has struggled with mental illness and for the last 10 years, with addiction.  Every phone call could be the news that he was dead, had been arrested, lost his housing, or any number of other crises, large and small.  In spite of my work to learn how to handle this, the stress and worry was still there.  My weight, my blood pressure and my blood sugar were continuing to creep up as my vitality and mobility were decreasing. Yes, I am 72, but I was not ready, by any means, to accept a fate of decline and death!

I did not know what to expect from working with Lina. Tapping is not a generalized thing, it is specific to you. Some things that came up were a surprise.  Since my weight and relationship with food was central, we did work on that.  I discovered that I thought about food and eating a LOT!  I did a lot of eating for comfort—not because I was hungry. My greatest downfall with “comfort food” (which I knew did not comfort me but only contributed to negative self-talk) were ice cream and some kinds of chips. Far more often than I would like, I would leave the grocery store with a bag of chips that I ate in my car while driving. I always was drawn to the aisle with the chips, studied the different choices of chips and all too often a bag would find its way into my cart.

Here’s what happens now after EFT with Lina.  I walk on by the aisle with ice cream and I walk on by the chip aisle.  I am not struggling and it is not a feat of will power. I am just plain no longer interested!  My mind is no longer thinking about them or longing for them.  It is very different. This is entirely a result of the work with Lina!  I know it isn’t magic, but it is magical that this drama has vanished!  I am free to go to the grocery store and shop for what I want and not get distracted by needing to buy chips or ice cream!

This is especially remarkable because while seeing Lina I have had a very distressing personal experience, as well as a breast cancer diagnosis.  In the past, either of these events would have been more than enough for me to think I needed to comfort myself with food. But I continue to have no interest in ice cream or chips. I am free to think about the things that are much more important to me.

Lina listens with love and insight. She and the process are very affirming and freeing, gentle and loving. I am grateful that I gave Lina and tapping a try! And here’s an addendum that Elsie sent: I am Type II diabetic.  I see my family doctor every three months to watch how I am doing. As I mentioned, my A1-C has been creeping up.  When I was checked three months ago it was over 7, the highest it has ever been. When I was checked last week, it had dropped to 6.2! This is a good indication that my body is changing in positive ways!

Also, avoiding food that is not helpful for me seems to be getting easier with gradual changes in my thinking. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant this past week. They have ice cream and almond cookies that I love. This time I didn’t have either. I have never, ever been able to do that before!  And I didn’t feel deprived.  I had enjoyed my meal and I was satisfied.

Thank you again, Lina, for our work.  I hope my testimonial helps people understand the value of your work.

Elsie Hutchens

I Have Lost More than 60 Pounds!

“From the time of my first session with Lina to the present day, I have lost more than 60 pounds . . . no diet or even exercise! Sixty pounds just . . . gone. I have a lot more to lose, and with better habits, I will lose them. But the start was with Lina and EFT.”

J.P. / Asheboro, NC

I Would Highly Recommend Working with Lina!

“Having had a weight problem all my life, I made an appointment with Lina. She explained how energy can get trapped in the body, based on experiences as we are growing up and that EFT could release those energy blocks. I was a little skeptical, but her gentle manner put me at ease.

As we began to unravel a deep emotional issue that started when I was about three years old, she simply started tapping on my hand and other areas around my shoulders and head. There was a great emotional release of anger and frustration. I would highly recommend working with Lina for anyone who chooses to be free of hidden pockets of frustration, anger or any other negative energy that is contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.”

L.G. / Denver, CO

Kind Words for Lina as a Holistic Health Coach

Thank You So Much, Lina!

“I felt a connection with Lina from my very first consultation. I didn’t know all the details of what her Holistic Health Coaching program would entail, but it felt right, so I gave it a shot. I quickly lost 15 pounds by primarily learning how to pay more attention to how what I ate made me feel. I began feeling so much better physically and mentally, that when I would get off track, I would turn my focus back to how I felt.

Lina not only helped me nutritionally, she helped me with my level of confidence. I faced a job situation when I was working with Lina. I told her (at the start of) one session that I didn’t want to talk about food, nutrition or weight, but about work. She taught me how to have an honest conversation with my employer about some things that were going on. I did that, and approached things the way she suggested and got the outcome I was hoping for. It has made a substantial difference in my daily life, and I don’t know that I would have gotten there without her guidance.”

Cristi / Asheboro, NC

The Blessing of Mindful Meditation

She’s the Ideal Person to Teach Meditation!

“Again and again, I draw from what I learned from Lina about meditation. Not only is she knowledgeable, she teaches from the heart–and her voice is especially soothing. She’s the ideal person to teach meditation.”

Annie Scholl / Franklinville, NC

Lina’s Years of Experience, Warmth, and Kindness are Reflected in Each Session!

“For some years before attending Lina Landess’ Mindfulness Meditation, I looked for meditation classes that would allow me to quiet my busy mind.  Years ago, I read about Mindfulness so when I found out Lina was going to lead a Mindfulness Meditation (sic) program, I jumped on it.  Lina provided a warm and welcoming space for the classes.  One of the first things I learned was that I no longer had to struggle with quieting my busy mind.  Each session she added an aspect to reinforce the use of mindfulness as a practice in our daily lives.

Lina’s years of experience, warmth, and kindness are reflected in each session.  I now give myself permission to sit in meditation at least once a day and I actively practice being mindful each day.”

Michelle Hampton / Franklinville, NC

Can Meditation Improve Your Golf Game?

“I found your Mindfulness Meditation class very helpful and inspirational. Since the class ended I have established a daily practice. I find that I am better at controlling my repetitive thought patterns, and when things happen in daily life that are upsetting, it helps me keep them in perspective. I have a long way to go but I want to thank you for starting me on this journey.

My golf game has taken a dramatic leap forward. I have taken an average of ten strokes off my previous scores. I know that in the grand scheme of things it’s trivial, but still a nice side effect. It’s driving my golf buddies nuts!”

The latest update from Paul: “I’ve been playing golf for about 4 years and have made slow progress toward lower scores.  Before meditation I was averaging 108-112, now I’m averaging 95-100.  So, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Meditation works much better than taking lessons from a pro, which I’ve also done.”

Paul Ray / Seagrove, NC