I’m happy you’ve made your way here. . .

If you’ll put down your bag, take a well-deserved break, and relax for just a moment, I’ll tell you a bit about what you’ll find as you explore this website and the offerings here at Truly Healthy You.

This is, first and foremost, a healing place; a place where you are welcome to release what’s been troubling you, confident that your visit here is timely and appropriate.

Why am I so sure of this? Over the years I’ve worked with countless people; people who have tried a wide variety of other methods and modalities, hoping to move beyond what’s been limiting their fullest expression of life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Although the majority of my clients have found relief here, their success isn’t about me, but the power of the tools I employ—EFT (aka Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT/Tapping), Mindfulness Meditation and Wellness Coaching.

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So, whether you’re curious about how EFT, Mindfulness or Wellness Coaching can transform your experience of life . . . or ready to sign up for a session or class, I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I invite you to explore these pages and see what resonates. Namaste.

The modalities I use work to:

  • eliminate the blocks—the negative effects of traumas you have experienced—so that the hurtful thoughts and painful messages you believe no longer keep you from living the full and joy-filled life you are meant to . . .
  • help you gain clarity about what’s most important to you,
  • guide you on the most effective path to creating the life you choose,
  • reduce distractedness, and . . .
  • increase your capacity to SAVOR life!

I look forward to meeting you, and in the meantime, invite you to explore this site and my services.

To Your Health . . .


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What’s in a Name?

Many of us know by now, and it has been confirmed by scientific research, that true healing occurs from the inside out. The placebo effect proves that!  Rather than throw drugs or invasive techniques at symptoms, we must go deeper and seek the cause of illness or disturbance. Whether a person is suffering at the physical, emotional or spiritual level, we can expect true healing; a healing that takes place deep down—below the surface or symptom level . . . only when the fundamental cause of the dis-ease or dis-comfort is revealed.

Since the natural state of the body is healthy and balanced, symptoms arise to let us know when there is an imbalance. Here’s a scientifically based statistic you might not know: 80-95% of physical illness has an emotional cause.*

Once we’ve eliminated the underlying emotion(s) behind an illness with EFT, the body can return to its original truly healthy state; thus, the name of my practice, Truly Healthy You!

Success Story with EFT

“I met Lina at a time when the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders was flaring up. I had been trying to solve the pain and misalignment in my neck and the responding burning in my shoulders for years. My latest attempts had been with a chiropractor. Although I was getting temporary relief, I began to wonder whether chiropractic was not too aggressive. Lina told me about EFT, and I was immediately interested. She agreed to do a session with me.

Lina compassionately and carefully listened to my description of the pain and asked me about its possible emotional triggers. She skillfully composed targeted statements which not only accurately identified the physical pain and its location but expressed the emotion which triggered and sustained the pain.

Next, she walked through the EFT therapy. I was amazed to discover how simple and non-invasive the technique was. I was even more amazed when I was getting relief right then and there. First the burning was gone, then the kinks were loosening. I left the session with only one resistant kink.

I am writing this testimonial two weeks after I met with Lina, and the burning has yet to return. Even more importantly, the session brought a new awareness to the connection between that pain and certain emotional triggers. EFT has loosened not just my neck and shoulders but my need to hold onto certain emotional habits that truly turn out to be “pains in the neck.” I am grateful for Lina and EFT and look forward to exploring this healing modality with her again.”

Susan D., New Jersey

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