To Heal the Heart of Our World

Dear Sister,

Although you may not know me personally, I’m writing you now because we are related. We are, by the gift of our sacred female bodies, kindred spirits. And, we have some work to do.

The challenge before us isn’t new. It’s been going on for more than a century and we are finally, more than ever, witnessing some of its fruits. We’re seeing it in our political system, Corporate America and throughout the world. From the squad of youthful and progressive U.S. Congresswomen, more female CEOs in Corporate America, women shedding burkas, driving cars and, finally, a woman Vice President. We are on the cusp of a much-needed shift toward and embrace of the feminine principle; a shift that has the potential to heal the heart of our world!

Head and Heart Working Together

When the nurturing, relational aspect of the feminine comes together with the strong, protective aspect of the masculine — the head and the heart come together to guide our choices and, in so doing, honor the intrinsic qualities that make us fully human. In this coming together that we find ourselves capable of healing the heart of the world!

Did you know there was a time, long ago when the feminine was celebrated? A time when women and men were valued equally? When no one was considered greater or lesser than anyone else? No one worried then about having enough food, shelter or safety. Our Mother, the Earth, was respected and not seen simply as a ‘resource’.

Even now, cultures that honor the feminine principle exist. Before they undertake an important action, their male leaders consult and take the advice of the women. We know that native peoples throughout the world still honor the old ways. They respect the feminine wisdom and intuition necessary to maintain the all-important balance between the masculine and feminine; qualities carried by both genders. They understand that this partnership blesses not only their society, but the entire world. They carry the flame for all of us.

A Climate Change We Can Celebrate!

I am writing you today with an invitation; one that I hope will speak to your heart.

We are in the midst of what is known as climate change – a warming of our planet that threatens all life on earth. Rather than continue to destroy our one and only home, I believe that we are here to create a new and different kind of climate. A way forward that will transform our lives as well as the future of life on our awesome and one-of-a-kind planet; the Source of our food, shelter, wonder, and our very lives.

This version of climate change invites us to be who we are meant to be. To be women and men who celebrate life. Who take nothing for granted, and respect each other equally. People who work together — in partnership — to make this world better than we found it. This climate change can return us to our rightful place as citizens; as people who understand that we are, in spite of our seeming differences, all in this together.

We are here to create a new and better future for women, men, our children, grandchildren and our beautiful, awe-inspiring Earth Mother. Reclaiming the feminine principle and its natural love and compassion, of joy and harmony – qualities necessary to return the feminine and masculine balance — is one of the most important activities we can undertake.

Understanding how the feminine and masculine were honored in the past, through the lives of the women revered as goddesses, can serve as a step toward softening the hard shell that has grown around so many hearts. This step moves us toward healing and recognizing the love and compassion that every human is capable of — and privately longs for.

Moving To Oneness

The mission of this movement is to reclaim the feminine principle. As we embrace the feminine perspective, we take a step toward Oneness; the Oneness that we know to be true. Honoring the feminine perspective, we carry the potential to replace struggle, suffering, loneliness and violence with ease, understanding, respect, and unconditional love.

The wisdom and strength carried within the stories and lives of the ancient Goddesses — Isis, Inanna, Persephone, Demeter, Hecate and more — women who were both strong and feminine, whose qualities lie dormant in us today, can show us how living in partnership as a society, as well as in our most intimate relationships, looks and feels.

Are you ready to learn how what these women represent throughout time can bless and transform us and our world today? How the feminine perspective, our never-more-important feminine way of relating — was critical (and still is) in creating societies that recognized and honored everyone and everything? That perspective is just as important, if not more so, today!

Can you imagine how it would feel to invite their wise, magical, sensitive, sexy and intuitive ways of being into your life?

Let us discover, together, where we go from here. What might the future hold for this movement? I invite you to do just one thing now. If your heart beats faster at the thought of discovering the Goddesses of ancient (and more recent) times, and how their wisdom and their foibles can inform, transform and bless yours — as well as life as we know it, please click on this link: and I’ll be sure to keep you informed. Feel free to share your thoughts and inspirations, too! I welcome them with open heart and arms!!

For Mother Earth & a More Peaceful, Harmonious, Magical and Partnership-Based Future . . .


Lina – One More Goddess

p.s. My last name is Landess; created years ago after my husband (whose last name I had taken) and I divorced is made up of two parts: Land (because I respect and honor our Mother Earth) and ess as the last three letters of goddess (in honor of the feminine principle reflected in the early goddess cultures).

4 thoughts on “To Heal the Heart of Our World

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lina, what a hope-full message and one of deep healing. We can all contribute to this time of healing in every moment of our life experience. Thank you for being an instrument of healing for so many yourself.
    Maine, USA

  2. Melinda Bern says:

    Lina, I didn’t know that’s why you chose this new last name! How perfect you are doing this work. My own experience tells me, the only way to heal the heart of our world is to heal the heart within our self. As this happens, we cannot help but act responsibly towards mother earth and each other. Thank you for inviting us to take this healing journey together as we bring these qualities into our awareness in order to create a more loving balance. Yes, we are all in this together!

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