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Welcome to this very special place; a place where we can acknowledge each other and the sacredness of all life. We come together in circle as equals—with no one higher or more important than another, where our hearts, our longings, our insights and our voices matter.

I’d like this to serve as a place to ramble – to wander into the forest of our thoughts and imaginings; to envision the world I want to help create—for myself, for you, for the young ones who are already here and those yet to come. My vision for this section of my website is multi-fold; I see it as a home place—a place to settle and consider the things that are ‘top of mind’ for many of us.

Top of Mind

Right now, of course, top of mind for many is our racist present as well as our racist past, especially in America. We are in the midst of worldwide protests, peaceful as well as not, where people of all ethnicities, ages and genders are coming together in the streets to loudly address the rampant killing of black people largely at the hands of police. In rapid succession, in a matter of weeks, three innocent black people — Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were set upon by vigilantes or power mad cops. The death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, caught on video by a bystander, shocked the world and has incited a nationwide call for the end to racism, inequality and police immunity. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has caught fire for thousands of people as funerals and memorials to George Floyd are taking place in the U.S. as well as around the world. My sense is that this movement has real legs and that monumental changes to the egregious systems under which People of Color (POC) have endured are afoot.

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For Our Mother Earth

The next top of mind for me is our mother, the earth. I am, and have been for most of my adult life, a committed amateur environmentalist. As a child, I loved being outdoors, walking amidst the tall trees in the public park next to our home, climbing trees in our yard, riding my bicycle, and skating on the rocky little creek behind our house in Winter. My love for the outdoors was further cemented when I lived in Northern California where I learned to appreciate the beauty of Live Oak trees against wheat-gold colored hillsides and small, yet fragrant Eucalyptus stands. Living near the Redwoods during my last few years in Northern California, I came to value the wonder and majesty that a single massive Redwood tree represents, let alone a huge grove!

All of that to say that one of the things you’ll find here is an abiding love, gratitude and respect for the earth— the one whose abundant gifts and grace we all too often take for granted. Now with undeniable indicators that we humans have created a dangerous imbalance; one that threatens all life, people are waking up—while others are turning a blind eye . . . or increasing their nefarious ways. I offer this section as a place to express our concerns as well as our hopes for the future. As dire as things currently look for planet earth, I hold out the hope that enough of us will express our concern that we will be able to ‘turn this ship around’ and work — through our votes and other actions—to return our Earth home to proper balance.

Honoring the Feminine Principle

Which leads me to my next love. Along with my strong intention to not only share my appreciation of the natural world with you, I hope to ignite in you the remembrance of a time, long, long ago, when the feminine was honored for her strength as well as her beauty.

As anyone who is reading this might already know, every person on this planet naturally carries both masculine and feminine qualities; manifest as gentle strength (males) coupled with the fury of a mother bear (females). That fierce mother bear in me finds her expression in response to the patriarchal system—the power over everything system—that has gotten us to this state of societal and environmental imbalance.

Part of my work in the world is to help us, both women and men, remember that there was a time when the feminine was honored and celebrated. A time before the objectification and abuse of the feminine, embodied as earth and woman.

That reality was centuries ago; at a time when women and men were considered equal and could freely love each other. A time when lovemaking was considered a sacred and beautiful sharing of hearts.

Those times, I believe, were simpler—times of peace and prosperity; times known now as the Goddess Times. Stay tuned to learn more about what happened to those times, those principles and those people . . . and how women are now reclaiming the virtues and values of those times.

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Awakening to the Truth of Who You (and all of us) Are

And so, last but certainly not least, is the foundation of all that I hope to do and be in this world—a world where more and more of us awaken to the truth that we are, ultimately, Spirit. The understanding that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience is more than a saying. It is the truth.

Like so many others, much of my life was one of seeking; seeking a sense of fulfillment and lasting joy and happiness. As we grow from infancy to adulthood, our needs also grow . . . and somewhere along the line, we start believing that our joy and happiness are dependent on objects, experiences, and relationships. That belief can cause us to seek happiness in things—in cars, houses, jobs, money, relationships, sex and certain other promising experiences.

If we’re lucky, we eventually discover that the happiness borne of things is fleeting. We notice that all too soon the joy we experience in acquiring the next new thing subsides, and our life becomes one of searching for that next new thing that will bring us permanent happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with our search for happiness—except that we’re looking for it in ‘all the wrong places’. Our journey to discover lasting happiness is, in fact, a natural one—because happiness is our very nature. With this discovery we realize that our task, if we can call it that, is to bring our innate joy and happiness to our experiences, our relationships and our work in the world vs. finding it in any of them.

So this Sacred Circle gives me an opportunity to share this phenomenal joy and happiness with you; to help you see the truth of who and what you are so that you, too, may access your innate and precious joyful being to share with our world.

To do that, I will share some thoughts, articles and insights that arise and welcome your thoughts and questions as time goes on. If you’d like to connect outside of this format, just send me your contact information and we can go from there.

With love and gratitude,