Living In a World of Possibility . . .

First in a Series on Possibility
Lina Landess

You’ve tried everything you know to do, but you still can’t shake the hurt, the pain, the self-doubt, the anger, the fear. And yet, you want to. More than anything . . .

The truth is, you can.

“But how?” you wonder. One of the most important things anyone can do is realize that we live in a world of possibility . . . a world within which our potential to create our reality is limited only by our ability to conceive. To imagine. To change our perception of what ‘is’ now and step into what is possible.

Need proof? All you need to do is look around. The minute we open our eyes we see evidence of ideas that have taken wing and become what we once called inventions. The bed in which you sleep, the television you watch, the cell phone, tablet or computer on which this piece is being written and read. All of these ‘inventions’ have become commonplace in Western culture.

Every single one of them began with a thought. An idea.

To invent means to create something that has never existed before. Without Thomas Edison and his ideas, would we have the electric light bulb, the motion picture camera, the phonograph or the stock ticker? (Did you know he created all those things?)

Where do inventions come from? We are taught that God created the world with a word. According to one definition, the word ‘word’ means that which is unseen. So out of the unseen — out of a possibility or potential which exists in the unseen as an idea or a thought — the world was created.

We are also told that we are made in God’s image. As Christ himself said, we can do what He has done, and more. That means that each and every one of us has the potential, the possibility of creating a world filled with ideas—thoughts—that we can make real . . . a life in which we can create whatever we have the skill and means to create. Stop reading . . . and feel the power within that statement.

The Buddha said that we are what we think and what we think about grows, so if we want a life of abundance, a world filled with love and joy, with health and happiness, our thoughts must grow in that direction. See it. Feel it. Create it.

How? With action. Movement in the direction of the thing you imagine.

Movement. Action. An idea without an action is like a seed that has never been planted. We trust that when we plant a seed in the earth and water it, it will grow. The same is true with our ideas and thoughts. For them to grow, we must water, or nurture, them. We must take appropriate actions for our ideas to flower.

Following our ideas requires trust; trust in an abundant universe that wants only what is best for us. We must trust in the spirit that ‘gave’ us the thought, and allow it to guide our actions.

For many of us, our ability to trust has been broken. We have been disappointed, abused or betrayed in a way that has affected our natural ability to trust. We struggle with painful memories and try to live a happy life. Our self-esteem is often at the bottom of the barrel and rarely sees the light of day.

But what if, given that we do live in a world of possibility, that unfortunate and unhappy perception of yourself could undergo a major shift??

What if you could finally reach, and even exceed, your goals? What if all you really needed was a way to clear the self-doubt, the anger, the fear, the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck? What if, instead of reacting from that old miserable pattern you could make a different choice? And have a different outcome. Can you embrace that as a possibility?

Based on your history, you’ve assumed that it’s just not possible.

But what if I told you that while you may be right about a lot of things, you are dead wrong about that!?! There are thousands of happy people who will back me up, based on their own experience! People around the world who have experienced the healing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) . . . often referred to as Tapping because that’s precisely what it is!

Tapping your fingers on certain meridians or energy centers on the body while recalling painful, unpleasant or traumatic experiences has the power to neutralize their negative effects! Believe me, it’s not as scary as that may sound! In truth, the possibility of transforming your experience, as well as your capacity for joy and happiness, literally rests at the tip of your fingers.

Whether you’re carrying around the agony of a bad break-up, a horrific traffic accident, an abusive parent or the painful effects of a wartime trauma, EFT is an effective and painless way to end the hurt, once and for all. One of the critical gifts that comes within the EFT family of techniques is that you don’t have to re-experience the trauma to neutralize its negative effects.

As an added bonus, it’s easy to learn and tap on yourself! Most practitioners teach their clients how to tap so that if or when anxiety, stress, or fear arises, they can tap on themselves and reduce or disappear the unwanted, uncomfortable emotion. You can find EFT practitioners in almost every city on the map and on the Internet. Professional coaches, mental health counselors, and even massage therapists use Tapping to help their clients overcome the issues and limitations they’ve been struggling with.

If you’re tired of feeling tired, depressed or frustrated with where you are in your life, I hope you’ll search out an EFT professional. Give EFT/Tapping a try. There’s nothing to be gained in continuing to suffer.

Lina Landess is an EFT-Advanced & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master and Author, with a Wellness Coaching practice in Greensboro, NC. To contact Lina about EFT/Tapping or Health Coaching, write her at Feel free to visit her website: or call 336-688-8159 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. In-person or Skype sessions available (you don’t even have to leave home!)

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