5 Pieces of Good News You Probably Didn’t See!

With only 10 or so days left in 2016, I thought I’d share with you some of the history-making news of the year that you might not have heard or seen. Some of the historical events have been hysterical while others help prove that our better angels are still present and working on our behalf.

Numerous Internet sites have jumped on this bandwagon, so my list comes from a variety of sources, including Reddit, Bustle, and Sunnyskyze. Please feel free to share with your friends & family over the holidays and beyond . . .
(This is so refreshing, I just might share some good news as a regular addition to my monthly newsletter! What do you think?)


1) The worldwide tiger population has increased by 22%; good news for the tigers and our environment!

2) 50 million trees were planted in India this year: In ONE day!! It took more than 800,000 volunteers, but they did it!

3) Scientists are making massive strides in ALS research, aided by funds raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral on social media about two years ago! (Proof that having fun can have beneficial results!)

4) Alaska Airlines made its first commercial flight using the worlds first renewable alternative jet fuel, made . . . are you ready for it? from forest residuals; the limbs and branches left over after harvesting trees from managed forests! If the airline were able to replace just 20 percent of its entire fuel supply at Sea-Tac Airport with this bio-fuel, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 142,000 metric tons of CO2; the equivalent to taking approximately 30,000 passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

5) Dare I say it? The Cubs won the World Series after a long, long dry spell of 108 years!! Growing up in a White Sox loving home, I know this is anathema, but credit where credit is due!

With my best wishes for a delightful rest of the year, may some of these tidbits end up in your next Trivia match!

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